Thursday, September 5, 2013

TimeWaveZero: September Truck

Dear Truck-reader,
first of all, I want to thank David Howard for driving Truck last August.
With a little bit of delay and suffering a severe case of holiday blues (and hernia), I'm starting this month's Truck.

I would like to dedicate September to TimeWaveZero.

In 2006 I started with the Antistresspoweet the idea to start a magazine around the idea TimeWaveZero. Due to different problems it didn't start eventually.

All in all for me 9/11 was a sort of TimeWaveZero from which a new decade, era, time frame started.

It would be my idea now to work around this idea TimeWaveZero, also incorporating the works that were mailed to us in 2006 and make a sort of dialogue between the past, present and future.


The emphasis would be on the poet within the international community, the poet as the catalyst to change the world, the peace-bringer, the conscience of society, but also on time and how the poet/artist is experiencing time.
Starting from the idea of experiencing the self within the vacuum of nothingness, of the zero of the beginning of things.
The zero becoming a 360 degree circle where the following idea applies:
"The Circle. How does this shape, this spatial form, enter consciousness; how does it take on meaning; how does it come to be divided into 360 units; and how it is used as a measurement standard to capture the times of our lives?" Noel Tyl

Schroedingers' cat dilemma should be considered also within this, is life/the world/our surroundings waves or particles? How do we consider ourselves within this post 9/11 world?
The theories which research the Butterfly Effect, the circle as centre of consciousness but also Aboriginal Dreamtime, Zeropointenergy (Heisenberg/Planck/quantumphysics). should be taken into consideration when thinking about TimeWaveZero and it's consequences.
Some of the theories concerning TimeWaveZero pointed at December 21st 2012 as a moment of "End of Time" or "Beginning of a new era" again. The truth lies in another part of the world perhaps, not the Mayan conundrum but the Arab Spring could point out the end of an era and start of a new timeframe. The starting point of what is yet to come….

More information on other ideas/theories about TimeWaveZero can be found here:

You can contribute to this month's Truck, by sending your work via e-mail to philip (dot) meersman (at) gmail (dot) com
Please put "Truck - TimeWaveZero" in the subject line and add a short 3 lines bio at the end.

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