Wednesday, September 25, 2013

…as if you were urinating from the wrong side. Jared Schickling

…as if you were urinating from the wrong side
violent with little warning
tremendous emissions

sense of relief at making it
but feeling ill
about the release

so severe that the splatter
would remain
on your stuff

none of this was pleasant
one must understand the factors

the desired consistency is formed
in the intricate web
of fluid and transit time

minus ingesting
bacteria viruses toxins from undercooked meat
week-old potato salad

what was small could secrete
large volumes a deluge of fluid
coupled with brisk transit

the delivery of large amounts of liquid
to premature contents under pressure
the effect of stress is widely known

and the new news was
its complex independent
array of fibers

this autonomous
“second brain”
surgically removed

contracts accordingly if fed
from one end it had
a mind of its own

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