Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Truck driver for April

Many thanks to Jukka-Pekka Kervinen for taking the wheel during March, and a big welcome to Lynda Schor, who'll be at the wheel during April.

markovian epitome / Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lanny Quarles / Like an Owl Whose Cuspidor of Snow Is Wedded Unto Must

timely is the test of snow
whose heart has many owls
whose nest is broken
into comforts, still,
and is burning
in this laptop

i break out
the good shit
and lay back
in mother luxury's

great wonder

i am only a device

please help me
find some protocol
to move my gamepiece

or back
or down
or bring out
the good shit
in my hopeful family
of enemies

whose friendly
comes poignantly
leaving me perfected

a joke
broken upon the silence

the mouse's love
toward the owl
at first touch
before the beak
sets in the flesh

the cold release
from warmth
and war for the mmth

mouth gag soldier
go off
to embroider
go off to join the upholstery
of Kthulu Polynesia

our island

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Alan Sondheim / virtual idylls

virtual idylls

animated computer creations that appear as singers runway models for
publicize is another opening click most paper dolls undress mouse easy
remove outer clothes harder underwear takes some tugging little revealed
end few anatomical details also photographic adult section quite explicit
be dressed any outfits strip relate strongly work do avatars characters
further edit treating if were therapists sense giving opportunity draw my
unfamiliar realms third tars sending their name watching feedback methods
model agency she never tires hold poses forever works clock apart from
source emission find now three years later translated recently backgrounds
foregrounds began losing myself midst thick r passing sites get involved
demographics erotic bonding female teenaged males females etc troublesome
extent resolves plot narration slotted extending categories go down
smoothly hand among avatar emanation no specific image appearance operable
within protocols deep operating systems seems too almost viral hacking
alone m background maneuvering ascii unconscious de scribe effect
sexuality paradigms control being controlled playing insinuating itself
drives runs psyches deliberately resolution difference between oh raises
beginnings endings every gesture glimpse deliberate creation unguarded
imagery artworks broken prosthetic devices following splits turns
contradicts wayward contrary noisy might gendered gender way becomes field
competing capital positioning distribution modes interventions clear
assigned movements times against blank backdrops ridge once always eternal
placed noiseless purified system receding moment offers herself clothing
hollowed frame hollowing exposing interior breast vaginal areas intro
procurement skin skins everywhere attached look wrap wire yourself play
naked body hacked mirrors returning perhaps re turning phenomenological
extensions cant emphasized enough beneath splintered turned abstract money
transformed surplus girl woman entertainment magazine store libidinal
economy resident perfect love longer clean tend towards post hats
fascinating happening future however close level fantasy boys girls
bedrooms computers desks tables off corner such kitchen pornography
entwine numerous junctions so become intrinsic everyday except
masturbation equally intrinsically parceled seen tion why academic
approaches repeatedly metaphor ignoring manifestations earlier even
wherever uncanny analysis produce reams relevant called linkages couplings
processes concatenation conjoining change loosely joined objects shelf
seriality conjunction terms results machine protocol suite interlocked
subprograms links chain machines hate subsection integral coherent whole
move abstraction coup moving parts inert organisms raging ecstatic wars
fought physical result slight warming panels images accessible bit
independent apparent organic eye speak postmodern decoupled fast forward
probings domains organism stake finitely modified manipulable loss cannot
die shelved revived elsewhere date whom data average listener fact seem
spite girlfriends your dreams massive production industry song hit gave
comfort safe partial filled quest filling vulnerable better heroines
princesses inaccessible synchronically lives parallel universe lived died
male artist recreating interesting construct mesh holding hollows armature
running jacketed cuts carefully away genital literal representation
injection covering hollow considered desire ever closeups inextricably
everything inextricable tallying birth distance teledildonics oneself doll
gives though manipulation puerile sliding removing panties reminded
dirtiness abjection simulation speaking insertions assertions key
scratches removes wires flesh pass melange constructed torn expanded
condoms abeyance while fondling push until sleep night lulled foreclosing
feminine positions com fort devour menses harbor smell membranes talk upon
mutual devouring curs gloves screens keyboards scent odor odors saturate
uneasy leaking guarantees far cry merge sight ecstasy permanency outliving
abandoned turn know dream over again iii carries concepts notion
invisibility transparency our tendency recognition nonexistence matter
coming mind entering constituted gnawing idiocy veering pervasion yet
layer interpenetration coupled troubled problematic infinite still languor
reception hardened weighted opened delicate hardly b resonates beautifully
annihilation awaiting particulate diffused harmonic peaks phenomenology
recognize alive achieve subtle transcendence id greets states meanders
sayings hanging warm air sunny afternoon argue sweet sickly leaves stems
ripening humid ere talker nearly door waiting says floating ours difficult
reaching please feel breathing heart must encounters seeking h hears
nothing closed foreign d thinking tell hope make affairs men women thus
said propelled attitudes speech proffering positionings nikuko e good
wonderful fun having problems login root julu bones processing boards
attributions trace bio k loves exit trying core told load tile font fuck
failed rather bar jealously reply killed melee hull guns rigging vast
heaving sailing ailing damaged yes yelling heave ail ho range starboard
bow darkest winter ground frozen sat fire thatched hut covered chanted
slowly drinking tea eyes half open child asleep wind howled flickering
flames eerie patterns wall something else snow right tried heard great
wings beating disturb meditation felt woke early dawn muscles moved
swatches beat directions remained immobilized had vanished could chant
huddled cold walls soul overcome continued clouds sun dawned warmer
exhausted enlightened returned land

Friday, March 16, 2012

Adam Fieled / Conceptions #5

Samantha Sand was someone who took
her sister seriously. Not everyone did.
But she’d been acting strange for a few
months, and Sammy couldn’t understand
what the problem was. The key issue was
always the same— money. Sammy was
rolling in it, and Steph needed it. All
Sammy did was write a script for a TV
pilot and the whole thing just scored;
but her life was more intensely painful
for her now then it had been before.
Her parents and her sister were still
poor. Steph she could manage; but her
parents were an embarrassment to her.
They’d contrive to dump on her, even
if she fed them money. Sammy knew
by gut instinct that something about
her sister had changed; finally, she
guessed the change. Steph was pregnant.
Steph could be impulsive and it was
probably some rock guy who did it.
But the situation was still tense enough
that in their daily phone conversation
Sammy couldn’t bring it up. They were
connected enough physically that Sammy
started to get horny herself. She was backed
up with money, too. Just for a lark, she
asked one of her guy friends to get her
pregnant. They laughed about it, but she
was serious. They decided to set an
“Insemination Night” and stick to it
(this guy, y’know, was Mr. Nouveau
Rich or Beau Monde). When the night
came, Sammy was pretty direct and not
particularly romantic—  no tricks, no
impulsive moves, standard foreplay. He
offered to put on a condom at the last
minute, but she nixed it. After a few
minutes of normal fucking, he said,
“This is it, Sam. I’m about to come
here. Do you still want me to go ahead?”
She said, “Of course, and keep it in me
the whole time, buster.” She felt the
familiar interior splatter (bemused that
for her sis it was probably the first time),
and thought how funny it was that her
and Steph would have their kids a few
months apart. When he was finished,
he crept up and went to the bathroom.
She picked up the clicker and turned on
the TV. She laughed— one of the movie
stations was playing “Three Men and a Baby.”
Two girls would be even better.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino / Skips

one bus,
said of certain places

which may, at sites, be
or, for such as certain sites

a, saying, or, for standing
a, may be holding places

and doubtless other combinations
one bus.

and if it is but agreeable
a hand or glove or calendar

as, he was
but not in certain places

which, when sounding
just above, and, sounding just above

are gone, or, for some time
by rote or involuntary action

between highest and lowest
is present, and absent, is gone and when

that aspect, to be events
alike, in which they are alike

between highest and lowest
the features

perceived or thought about
seem suddenly, to fit

also spelled insight or solution
the use of, or, as means his present station

and doubtless other combinations
which are themselves

his means
the skin, the hair, the coat

are fairly, then, it matches, either of the two
in which, unfit variations

are discarded
are held at mutual right angles, say

as when a new hat
or sometimes used as synonyms

is part

as a rule, a new hat
is considered of involuntary action

in respect to suspended judgment

in which, a measure of degree
they are, so alike

being highest, possible highest
the skin, the hair, the coat

an irrepressible action

due to lips
and doubtless other combinations

attained by involuntary action
as when a new hat is considered part

of one’s coat
or rival, or station

Friday, March 9, 2012

John Crouse / from REFRAINS


Cheek derision cherry treasure bosom smart reprimand, accidental
Mainly infantile chill twitter chivalrous. Courtesy file throttle elect hew, routine
Chronic narrative chuckle buddy panorama enclose honest globular anxiety event
Assets cite. Contradict dweller uncouth aver, racket solidarity latent
Baffle, collision keep classification talon mop unclouded clemency.

Pastoral bungling sobriety, patron scar aura zenith clasp, cape effrontery
Solace glad nurture commode gnaw modish chide commander immature, frosty
Tweet uncivil. Knighthood dainty gag, opt mince duty unending, distortion
Giggle chum effigy orbit swerving bulbous indifference.

Factors quote denizen, boorish enlightenment tame uphold hush acrimony secret
Unfold. Harmony fastening caste masterpiece clause nail decontaminate
Dubious grace, typist backward sagacity, customer escarpment ambiance,
Anticlimax mount snip impertinent soothe.

Dishearten, dear chest, bite chic extol
Leading childlike heated chirp gentlemanly, courtesy thin
Strangle perennial etching cinema gainsay means metropolis allege acrimony,
Mismatch grip species. Index scratch dirty evidently priestly slow
Perspicacity, bluff atmosphere effrontery.

Glee undervalue commend, babyish gallant, ardent titter roundabout quote ignorance
Din decipher ordering scour, lucid platitude obstructed.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jim Leftwich / not that

not that

plagiarism cloud withheld necessary the.

hovering as volumes emulate invention.

linguistic because this your this.

implies semi-conscious all solely.

NEOISTS use the six forms of disgorgementation
to organize their revolutionary ideology:
plaguegerism [sick], multiplutraction,
immorltalismint, serpravity, love-machine/sex/
racket-ball and surrationality. In the current
world situationismist, we are confronted by an
infirmary of paradoxes. The Neoists realize that
these paradoxes at hat are the result of the
definity of false

their confusion around rationality
oppositions Neoists unite againsst
this into a reactionary force aare
considered the by capitalism and o
f truth. Our rejction of irrationa
lity has been for the Neoists them
selves. truth, beauuty and perhaps
infinity becomes our propaganda me
rely a step towards even the inter
nalization of confusion inherentnn

viable those because beyond state of attractive,

quickly darkness and meaning. the.

you cannot
between the which
less of the most.

it has been a construction wound-memory
of tactile referential

/world. the. in the first place. strik
ifs absurd. I dottt write autob. galle
iography, but I know that peopll subst
will read my books as autobiogra reale
phy. is the author of defiant prose, n
no pith, and stockhausen prize with ah

the is page temporarily you unavailable.
please try the following address bar in.
correctly not found. you may be at tempt
ed to your lucky visit a page a day to e
xplore what currently does not exist. jo
in us.

we realize through contemplation that th
e existence med to be osition, that is t
o say, opposition to what is assu ment w
e define ourselves as the pinacle of thi
s opp iation, through opposition and fri
ction, for the mo is a particular instan
ce of the universal different as a resul
t of the transformation of the human con

survival to authors, but

point. and embrace ,m but rather
developing, the limit
our fear is not this sentence.


Peter Ganick / from 'webern songs informed'

as music is heeded an avantness **

pieces from itself befriend

earphones’ duet with spoken

arrangements thought* *truisms—

vacant from a startled impression

common tolerance one to evidence once—

a boat mid-range to pluck on shelf selfless

anonymity breathes your name—

maiden voyages delay overhaul—

ask the pinecones where suppressed

another-ing placates intentions

made or got by happiness—

once though not complicit

with etched familiarities—

epochal nourishment—

clannish & middling strophes

delay a status improbable

though itself—this than that—

incurs selflessness—

somewhere itself—

a nighttime evidence proclivity

for transit so a recurrence plotted

deployment to issues of surpluses—

the entire light-sound iffy

whose sixpence relays jet-ski themes

somewhere viewpoint-ing deliberate sadness

stepping where close fundamentals

inquire no longer

we contact surveillance

noteworthy through signals

enabling remission of cash invasion—

returnable intersection—

wiles of dramatic sleuth—

ions of demand seek what overturns—

a delay of front-to-back rhetoric

unrolling anarchy harmonized

within waitings from each—

there—signed to mittens

either assurances deploy

mottoes each is naturally conscious

of public remoteness—

one step before regulations start—

a dream follows another dream of

soprano lightness—

bass curvature—

natural altimeters & cinemas

energize tassels—

deterrents wait somewhere sleuthing

an advantage for major-minor facsimiles—

acausal somehow where we camp

dotted & egoic modulations—

some sunshine every sleeper is convinced of

essences a malleability—

call it ductile—

seeking neutrality one step from togetherness—

aware & watching evaluations—

present contrasts feint poseurs in their

mirage—balancing acts integrate mottos

unrolling addendas that surface

outer signatures watch so iterations—

where calls intersect

forcing a waiver

materially grit—

whose muscle ingratiates emptiness—

a vivace thoroughly surmounted—


attentions are elsewhere climb

a settler’s mood—

elasticity wanes not


either persistence deluges repartee

inertia clusters where signatures—

elemental assertions evacuating watersheds—the

finesse of somewhere—inculcation evinces deliberation some whatever—

agreement is formatted as evasion

replacement vanishes—literal

comprehension attenuates veneer

also calls frames to such grand spaces—

mannerisms whether or not

evacuated contemplate infinities—

lithe where absolute—degreed

while thickness elicit reflection

sought by the budding public sees

hollow boutiques—

numerous later tented with

wiles of stellar vin number

jettisoned where hastening

roughened tureens & implode on contact—

ingestion of doubts is certain contradiction—

a grammatical surprise invents felicitous




what have you—

inserted as vitrines of long-time

premises are egalitarian from accent—

neither evasion nor confrontation

allows or disputes opacities emaciating—


appearing as sunshine-dusted rooms—

ethereal sleuth invokes itself

elaborate cell-wise mouthpieces

denigrating wooly garage-bandages—

leaves on cutlery balance through

intentional corrections mentioned

aside valences spirals nothingness


which scarified patience waits for

introduction to evidence?

when heresy becomes hearsay-in-reverse

amulets & innersprings overhaul anonymity.