Friday, September 6, 2013

Plate 1: The Right View. Amir Or

Plate 1: The Right View

And if I would have portrayed for you
this soft bluish light
the tremulous reflection of the poplar in the water
when a convoy of ducks is crossing the pond
and beyond the circular shore line
the bushes and the bay and the green mountain
melting into the cloud-sky in the rain –

wouldn't you search my eyes       with a prying searchlight
shoot a duck or two      down between the lines
and pray for the monster     to emerge from the sea
and gape open upon your flesh      a sky-high mouth
to redeem you   
   from this divine dullness?

But there's no need. Here,     I'm sketching it for you –
the beams and the nails      the convulsions               the pain
wave after wave     in his butterfly's wings –
your glowing faces                      the landscape     
and finally          his wonderful cry          
the pleasure-strike hitting      into your flesh   
the quivering thrill –

Just one more minute. Patience.       I'm almost     

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