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Truck's new driver/editor for December

Many, many thanks go to Dirk Vekemans for a splendid November drive. Taking the wheel tomorrow for the month of December will be Erik Rzepka.

A.Andreas (NL) (2/2) - From Semantic Disturbances (2007)

A. Andreas  is a Dutch author, New Media artist and editor of see

Els Debarbieux (B) (5/5)

Els Debarbieux (Belgium 1985) is an independent artist, photographer and organizer of gatherings.

Rachel Defay-Liautard (FR) - de regime

de regimine
per Giorgio Agamben

[ mine de {rien, fond, plom2B} ; lab. (extr. sec à courts de mathématiques

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Els Debarbieux (B) (4/5) - rail, hand, crack, land, rock

Els Debarbieux (Belgium 1985) is an independent artist, photographer and organizer of gatherings.

Philip Meersman (B) 5/5 - La Justicia

Philip Meersman  

A. Andreas (NL) (1/2) - EUROPE

This is about Europe.
This is about Rope.
This is about Pee.

A. Andreas  is a Dutch author, New Media artist and editor of see

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jed Bickman (US) - drone

Jed Bickman is a guy who lives in New York and makes text, working both under the vocational/professional regime and the libidinal/passional regime. His website is and he co-edits One Off Mag, an occasional literary zine, at

There's a printable pdf-version of 'drone' available at his zine here:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alan Sondheim (US) - states of crisis and exception


11      grep -h exception texts/*.txt > zz
12      wc zz
13      pico zz
14      sort zz > yy; tr -d ^M < yy > zz; uniq zz > yy; wc yy;
15      pico yy
16      tr A-Z a-z < yy  > zz; pico zz
17      mv zz ww
18      grep -h crisis texts/*.txt > zz
19      wc zz
20      sort zz > yy
21      tr -d ^M < yy > zz; tr A-Z a-z < zz > yy; pico yy
22      uniq yy > zz; pico zz
23      pico zz
24      cp zz ww; rm yy; m


states of crisis and exception

economic crisis there 'real' crisis belief shelled masquerade grief negativity gone mad bata baka moshi-moshi wa moshi-moshi daimyo ee! malice-technocrisis naka- consider crisis capital in the midst of all of this. he thought that the crisis of capital had something to do with death, i have failed to overcome an identity crisis always gnawing literacy will be on the decline. there will be a world-wide energy crisis. so on one hand the economic crisis and capital which is doubly illusory - so the crisis of philosophy might be this: that there is nothing to be strauss leads to karl kraus, by virtue of politics and the crisis of table table we've inherited the crisis of representation, of the twenty- the inspired commencement to the years of crisis through a strange mysti- the poet and romance writer to the interior crisis through the critique the young aristocrat through the sentimental crisis through the diplomat what do i have to do, have a crisis before anyone listens to me? i'm 30 addresses are getting used up; there's a crisis of position on the and thought in the world" - implies a crisis for our time as belief both and gentle ... capstone crisis (dante)knight hall mag auch die spiegelung ation and tracking-rates. almost no one present for crisis compensation, barrows of the crisis. wandering through the firmament, names censorship crisis, and there are signs that commercial servers are characterize the crisis of capital itself, the headlong rush into an commission, i seem to live from crisis to crisis, should not be down here consider crisis capital in the midst of all of this. overpopulation cost. there is no 'real' crisis of belief - but shelled belief, the coupled with a second a few days ago and coupled further with a crisis current crisis and its roots. read the texts of your enemy as well. enemy. much knowledgeable. current enemy roots. crisis enemy texts well.  enough money to ride the financial crisis for a little bit. - environmental crisis. the smaller generalist flora and fauna will begin to expandede! so-desu-ne subaru daimyo of hai! technocrisise! hai! ee!hai! first century from the crisischair of representation of the twentieth, for being out of commission, i seem to live from crisis to crisis, should governance by crisis? tension augments recursive communications hypertext take over from command-lines. on the internet, a crisis in immiserated world of pervasive and real crisis, which should be causing all of in the highlands, badlands west of crisis, there are still words in times of crisis inequality. crisis capital. requires independent silicon valley companies leverage as a way of transforming crisis. when the nominal becomes real, more this possibility than the crisis of identity which never resolves my identity, to the crisis of identity. gaming and messaging dominate; nikukore used up says oncrisis one a iup not at all, yerkes nearer to the crisis, its eastern wall nothingness. we're told we have a crisis of social security at the same now i hide a global crisis of catastrophe - liquidity of permanent crisis - and its relation to or finding our way near mare crisium, the sea of crisis of speech other kind?). the result is the oil crisis and the mess in this gluttonous planet: the bookstore features books about the crisis, and the rate in. i wanna informal economy rate out. give me systemic crisis. i stiffereith function searchglobal crisis n byzantium. substitutions, stiffereith mathematical function searchglobal crisis n byzantium. agrep structured, violent, at all cost. there 'real' crisis belief but shelled term crisis of denationalizing, which began with the breakup of the texts until sickness sets in; working the computer during a crisis, i the crisis at pmc. that said, i wonder how it is possible to investigate through the public man to the political crisis through the vanquished to moral crisis to historian through 1893 volatility in exchange can rapidly descend into currency crisis. when the wanna live systemic crisis.:i wanna energy. i wanna move adr fast. i wanna wanna market correlation bigtime systemic crisis wonder dance is in a crisis, splitting into ballet on one hand, obscenity

|  |              |  |              test_exceptions
|  |              |  |          exceptionclasses.html
|  |              |  |          exceptions.html
|  |              |  |      |
|  |              |  |  |      exceptionhandling.html
|  |              |  |  |      exceptions.html
|  |              |  |  |      module-exceptions.html
|  |              |  |  |
|  |      |  |              test_exceptions
|  |      |  |          exceptionclasses.html
|  |      |  |          exceptions.html
|  |      |  |      |
|  |      |  |  |      exceptionhandling.html
|  |      |  |  |      exceptions.html
|  |      |  |  |      module-exceptions.html
|  |      |  |  |
|  |      crisisgirlboy.avi
|  |
|  |      crisisgirlboy.mp4
|  |
|  |  crisisgirlboy.avi
|  |
?      crisisgirlboy.avi
?  ?
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?  ?  crisisgirlboy.mp4

what's=inside=another=object==with=the=exception=of=the=one=object= less in the immediate vicinity (think of potential exceptions such of philosophy, with social exception you an - (levinas an important exception), and this isn't always the case. as far , youme, with an exceptionally beautiful - exceptions, moreover, for which no explanation has been offered. the -en of philosophy with social exception antorture -en of philosophy, with social exception you antorture -en philosophy social exception antorture 1a.. architectural exceptions. these are building parts that cannot be :world::exception ethics of beneath of aegis heuristics, situational one and this is a highly generalized conclusion, exceptions 49% of the time. are journeys exceptions to the diminution of the case, or are they fifth, there is no thresholding involved (with the exception of resending gardiner's sign list, there are a few exceptions to the usual orientation i'm in colorado and made an exceptionally poor recording with i'm very wary of titles like these - but the books are exceptional, and indonesia, where they now here most units market today (with exception new proceeding back via exception chain: the days are always beautiful this time of year. without exception. there the exception is breakdown, hacking, any asservation in which anomaly the only time television went out here (with, i believe, the exception of the truth is that within days, with few exceptions (for example the twa there are exceptions to all of these; i am concerned, however, with a there are exceptions: refresh and blink, for example, are active elements there have been kind exceptions, stories, and now i carry only their with the conceivable exception? with the conceivable exception of the acutely. knew moment finished show you. did exceptionally important node an exception. it is only within the exception, for example, the _ class- an exception; people are using it more and more as an art orgasm or im- and almost no exceptions. as exceptional, appears now to be the rule in driven complex systems. even be reflected, there are always exceptions, less relevant than one bifurcate discrete rasa exception commonality gesticulation rupture continuity girl_ is now rock-hard with orgasm and an exception; people are creation with the exception of the tunings and retunings that constan- cultivated. they exist only exceptionally. it is an expression as discrete, the rasa no exception, the commonality of art is gesticulation, elaboration: what happens outside the body of the organism, more or less in the immediate vicinity (think of potential exceptions such as albatross or plankton, bring them into the model by including mobile niches, evanescent biomes). emanents also tend to control their immediate vicinity; sl avatars will have a 'home' teleport site, will fly to a certain height, will be admitted or not to restricted territories (and may create restricted territories of their own).  elements constituted the original radio, with the exception of the diode. except for a very few exceptions, was never in the home. the telephone on exception - they seem to come ... exception might be for searchable documents. exception of azure's songs - these didn't come out at all. what i think exception of john lydon's i may be wrong / i may be right. conflicts, gangsterisms, overpopulation, open fundamentalisms. 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(of course there are all sorts of exceptions, tends to be very conservative. film is the exception, in large part because than i'm written on, with the exception of the self-immolation of the wri- the mirror is a form of digital memory, instantaneous release and absence of commitment, filtered the visible within the eternal, that is to say positioning the eternal, positing the turn away from, away from what, from contagion, from what cannot reflect or be reflected, there are always exceptions, less relevant than one might think, what is the rule here, only photonic mechanisms, absorption release, according to what, according to mathesis, to pure form itself, to the cleansed mirror, forgetting just the rest of things the screening, the public, with the exception of journalists, will not be the utterance is an exceptionally important node of problems." and, "only there are no exceptions - tortured, this dead-end of philosophy, with social exception you and - with planets rare exceptions in the midst of the mass. even common planets with the exception of wizard @snoop commands) privacy, and this leads to working on at the moment, with numerous exceptions. at one point i spoke worldexception down worldhands worldfour-color dominate

Alan Sondheim is a Brooklyn-based new media artist, musician, writer,
and performer. He's concerned with issues of virtuality, and the stake
that the real world has in the virtual. He has worked with his partner,
Azure Carter, the performer/choreographer Foofwa d'Imobilite, and the
augmented reality artist Mark Skwarek.

Sondheim is interesting in examining the grounds of the virtual, the way
that the virtual inhabits the real body. He performs in virtual, real, and
cross-over worlds; his virtual work is known for its highly complex and
mobile architectures. He has used altered motion-capture technology
extensively for examining and creating new lexicons of behavior.

Useful URLs -
webpage (directory)
music archive: (directory)
email archive

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Els Deberbieux (B) (3/5) - 5 lomographic panorama's

Els Debarbieux (Belgium 1985) is an independent artist, photographer and organizer of gatherings.

Philip Meersman (B) (4/5) - 15. Resurrection

15. Resurrection

Where the hell did this bloody migraine come from?
I only took one sip
that acid, that man called wine
I would rather have been waterboarded than this

My hands are aching to start all over again
but did I spend it all?
all my credit
I never did anything out of the blue
my mother said, to get things done
and as I am only the image of my time
I wasn’t trained to be anything else

My feet are killing me
I want to stand up
searching the switch
or did we become all cavemen again
killing each other in the quest for fire?

Remember, as I walk away
the path will be long and lonesome
as I felt myself alone at that hour
although an immense pride buoyed me up,
and as proud beacon
I’ll gaze from new heights
at your insignificance

Search and thou shall not find
Preach and thou shall not hear
Believe and thou shall not be

Philip Meersman  

Satu Kaikkinen (Finland) 2/2 - 4 x vispo

 a Sonata

 a Sonata 2

mon amour 2


Satu Kaikkonen (23.8.1967) is a poet and visual poet from Finland. Her works include traditional lyrics as well as visual & asemic poetry and sound poetry.  Kaikkonen mainly creates her visual poems digitally, but she also uses concrete objects in her works. Kaikkonen has taken part in exhibitions of visual poetry in the US, UK, Hungary, Russia and Finland, and her works have featured in numerous poetry magazines, both Finnish and international. Her works are also included contributions to the Last Vispo Anthology 1998-2008.

Links: Official homepage VISUALpOeTrY
            Blog Time for the Vispo 

Saturday, November 24, 2012


note: these pieces are mashups of d.a. levy's Tibetan Stroboscope, a famous underground vispoem from the 60s

mIEKAL aND lives outside the constraints of academia in the most lush and rural part of the unglaciated Driftless area of southwest Wisconsin. Choosing to focus on creating wilderness and abundance surrounded by the perfect setting for limitless imagination his course of action includes demonstrating alternatives to inbred aesthetics, delighting in the play of DIY culture, and making art and writing that is both anarchic and noisy.

aND is the author of numerous books, many available via Xexoxial Editions ( After many years working in the realms of digital poetry and video, he has surrendered his role as author and focused exclusively on interactions that allow the author to be reconfigured by the mysteries of the collaborative process, including books with Maria Damon, Sheila Murphy and Geof Huth. Anyone wanting to tap into his stream can find him on Facebook at

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

dv - a journey through binkom

"I thought it was better for the night in two wachtbeurten to divide, so that not too many fragmented sleep would be. I listened again to the speaker that persecuted … also the rise of the power of a confusing muizenleger, that close to each other in a single clutch earth over an area of 400 square kilometers to marvelous if our city, is arrested by our vuurtroepen with flame throwers and specially-equipped helicopters. In the twenty creek we thought the Windvis. Meanwhile they pinch the knees against each other, and fuss after they are just as wonderful host again, the hand against her sex. In the course of the evening grew up not only the number of items on the list, but we realized soon that there was no point to save in small stocks. I mean of comprehensiveness of understanding,…I know, but I have never seen. I have ambitious competition run with all animals. I myself with my own words little confidence. I said: the task from the past to build the present again, is out of date. I glance back, past Apollonia asking me with a smile. I would remind you with a wide arc how far we can see."

(google translated sentences starting with an 'i' from ' Reizigers in de Anti-tijd' by Flemish author Hugo Raes whose writing was quite popular in past century's  seventies)

Els Debarbieux (2/5) - STEPS

Els Debarbieux (Belgium 1985) is an independent artist, photographer and organizer of gatherings.

Luc Fierens (2/2) - zero the earth

Luc Fierens
his last two publications

Philip Meersman (B) 3/5 - 14. Jesus is laid in the tomb and covered in incense

14. Jesus is laid in the tomb and covered in incense.

Caressing silence
balms the body better
tendering treatments
spa sparkled spices
Cocooning cloaks
the body better
designer suits kill
 listen to the sound
of decomposing
sighs, belching
Flatulence inhabited
Cidade de Deus
 My cover is in(no)cense
Let’s talk about anicca
Let’s elaborate suffering
Let’s discuss the non-self
no sense
searching for more
Soylent Green
no plankton anymore
resort to your kin
turning the other cheek
bite the apple
stuffing the pig
 all you need is Monad
Monad is all you need
Hush little darling
Don’t you cry

Philip Meersman  

Svetlana Zakharova (R/B) - The sudden portrait

The sudden portrait of a thousand possible ways

on the letter strings dancing battered angel
like they grow on trees
in a mellow throat of a sleeping crater –
several wax apples and almost perfect avocado bone  –
nowhere to start not to swallow oh so guilty

along the winding roads water tail sucked into ice
hands hands eyes clumsy back’s hurrying feet
a round and bright god emerges from clouds
scalable stackable shell screams embroidered on bone

write out your circle of misery
release the fish back under the ice or accept this burden
lie down and fish and die
gradually grows the knife from the tail to the head
no didn’t even scream just yield a little in the loving hands

half-empty or half-full
in this unique twist silently sink and
tell me about all that are dead and for nothing

or open the window:
and stumbling we do rise again
from the same fire made wooden birds

Svetlana Zakharova (Rostov-on-Don, 1979) is a Belgian author and translator born and raised in Russia. She studied Literary theory in Belgium, has numerous publications in Russia among which two collections of poetry and has translated into Russian works by Lodeizen, Reve and Faverey. She is also a trained actress and a member of the Radio Klebnikov Live Band.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Francesco Aprile (Italy) - ARMEZ-VOUS

Francesco Aprile is freelance journalist, poet, visual poet. In May 2010 he became member of the literary movement called New Page (founded at the end of 2009 by Francesco Saverio Dòdaro).  In April 2011 he founded the group of research and artistic protest Contrabbando Poetico, subscribing the first manifesto. It’s a way made of poetic, visual and electronics tales, poetic algorithms, punched cards, email art, post genetic artist (post Ghen, 1976), snapshots for digital photoprint, fast and instant narrations which are fragments of a frenetic reality. Social stratification of work.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

dirk vekemans (B) - four from 'kringloopkadavers'

'kringloopkadavers' is a book i'm making that consists of collages made from stuff i found while working in the book department of our recycling store.