Friday, September 13, 2013

Plate 2: Here. Amir Or

Plate 2: Here

Here is my testimony:
about fifty, father to an six-year-old (you don’t see that),
making words into poetry, loved, hated (don’t see that), actually
a kind of wild creature, here:
soul cuts, rebellion, lips – too sensitive,      all eyes (as you see)
and actually            what a mirror betrays is no deeper
than what it doesn’t.
What a mirror mirrors      is a two-dimensional Being-card,
framing the appearance of the Wanted. 
One portrait            glancing into a moment         from the crowd of the soul;
and the soul?
What can I show you about it         which you don’t already know? 
Here’s the wheat-stalk     which grew out of nothingness
here the knife
that cut it from the One.

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