Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blood Lyrics. Fiona Sampson

Blood Lyrics

from the Tokharian


They set the table under the tree:
I saw your hunger and was ashamed.

I covered myself with words and silence
to break the line
from your mouth to mine.

Exile blackens your tongue with knowledge,
your black pupils are ravenous for my hunger.

Every day
in the oven of your mouth
you burn and raise me –
daily bread. 

I taste of ash.
Eat me.


When you put your hands around my neck
I didn’t know
whether I was large or small.

My bones flew out into the universe
and began to sing –

a scatter of small birds.

Did you kill me
or love me?

Night rises from the earth.

Always the same night
with its claws at my stomach.


You place your world between my teeth.
I take it with care –

this instrument on my tongue                                          
beautiful steel.

Your words bridle me.
Where are we going?

Into pain that breaks
       every bone in my face?

Moving your words
quietly, you fill my mouth with world –

bright, bitter coin!

© Fiona Sampson

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