Sunday, September 8, 2013

The End of August. Sergej Birjukov. Transl. Erina Megowan

The End of August

In the last days of August
On the eve of school
You remember
The white shirt
The red tie
Given by brother
The scent of apples in the briefcase
The whiteness of a notebook sheet
The cages for ciphers
The lines for letters
The read in the summer textbooks
The expeditions to distant countries
On the geographical atlas
The comprehension of physics’ laws
In the cold river
The smell of baked potatoes
The smoke of a bonfire
The Moscow girl
Who came for vacation
Who said that anatomy
Is studied in the 10th class
Ah, really!
End of August
Song “Soon it is autumn
Behind the windows is August”
How does it continue
In this unbelievable play…

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