Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Painting: "Beacon" by Laura Young | Poem: "Light on Oil Can" by Jane Vincent Taylor

Light on Oil Can

Light doesn’t hit the can until about noon.
Inside, the oil smells earthy, ready for a wheel or cog.
Grady gave an oil can to his younger cousin, Keno.
Here, buddy. Every kid needs a can and a red rag in
The garage in case of rust or other calcitrance.

Oil on canvas. Light on Oil Can, the painter calls it.
Note how sienna mystical surrounds the copper practical.

Ouspensky, who didn’t know the working life,
Insisted:  Man is a machine most days.
Light all afternoon illuminates the spout and trigger.

Can you hand me the oiler? Keno asked.
All the while meaning make yourself useful, girl,
No hanging about the shop looking at light.

(The above painting and poem were first published by Still Point Literary Arts.)

"Autumn On the San Marcos River" by Oscar Houck

Autumn On the San Marcos River

To live this close to
the consolation of moving water is
to be given the keys to a cathedral where
the day’s last light drifts down through the branches of bare trees
like mist, to the mirror of the surface
in silver and cerulean blue ripples reflected as if
stained glass windows made of clouds and sky
had fallen, softly shattered, from above. The air today
is fine, cool and crisp and dry, the smoky scent
of fallen leaves, the past, the hint of winter to come.
Yellow gold, the color of Van Gogh’s wheat fields
flashes like lightning beneath the surface
over limestone, sand and shadows.
There is no greater beauty than what’s clear and cold.

"What Happened in Town" by Oscar Houck

What Happened in Town

December’s wan light falls into the well of dusk and
all memory of warmth fades with it into the mountains.

The few words we shared, lost in the distance between
the blue-lit cab of this truck and the silence of stars.

The half-frozen river stretches alongside the road,
ghostly gray gauze over what’s managed to keep flowing.

Like the breath of incense rising from the horses in the barnyard light,
some prayers go on and on, unanswered.

The unpicked apples have fallen with the frost.
The dogs on the porch dream together, sleep together against the cold.

"Returning to Earth" by Oscar Houck

Returning to Earth

It’s not hard to believe
my dog is a small god
leading me, at four in the morning, into this winter field.
It’s where she wants to go,
and isn’t desire holy?

The furrowed earth beneath my boot heels,
is soft enough to keep the silence.
Moonlight falls around us,
wraps us in her silver shawl.
A diaphanous frost glows back,
tiny frozen stars sparkling up from the ground.

Those stars, the sky, the field, it’s
all moving, spinning through time,
despite the illusion of stillness.

Sadie, my sweet girl,
I’m as awake now as you are,
the two of us walking and riding,
on this ocean of land and sky.

I’d like to take us out farther
to the ghost trail in the stars,
but I’m only a man with a dog,
her nose to the ground.
She knows better than I do,
this is enough,
this here and now.
Enough to be wondering
like children,
what comes next?

What we can see
is each breath in front of our faces,
white prayer flags unfurling
into the night,
each prayer answered
by the one that follows.

"River Valley Psalm" by Oscar Houck

River Valley Psalm

Down in the valley,
it’s the magic hour.
The day’s last light slants in from the invisible sun that’s
swimming now in the Pacific,
spattering gold on everything it touches.
Whitman’s leaves of long grass
and the trees walking up the mountainside
seem illuminated from within.
The river carries away the last of the world’s loneliness,
strung out along the shining silver length of its back.
Benevolent, merciful
darkness pours up from the valley floor,
smoke from the flame at
the dimming of the day.
All of it rising
into the thin silk veil
of pale blue night,
bashful and blessed
by the silence of stars.

"The Deer" by Oscar Houck

The Deer

All day I wanted you
and all day you weren’t there.
So finally, I went out walking.

The deer I saw under the twilit trees
was a blue silhouette against
the fading day and the coming night
engaged in their hushed code of exchange.
I wanted to be inside the quiet of the deer’s body,
listening to the silence at the edge of the woods.
The surface of the lake was still,
a mirror for the first few stars
burning through the cloth of night.

The blue deer darkened to indigo and
disappeared into her shadow.

In the distance
between desire and clarity,
your voice,
honey and bourbon and smoke,
filled an empty room.
And that room
in a house
in a country lost to me.

"Aubade – The Light of What We All Are" by Oscar Houck

Aubade – The Light of What We All Are
                for the community of Wimberley,Texas
Months after the flood, dead, leafless trees
still strewn along the banks like
matchsticks from God’s careless hand.
Two children gone, disappeared.

An overturned picnic table,
a dirty pink sweater,
a mud-filled pie tin,
someone’s journal of all things,
its ghostly ink, faded black to purple, then lavender, then sky blue,
this morning’s pale blue.
Set the pages on fire and watch their
secrets rise on the smoke, which
the wind blows into thin air, into nothing.

What is it that endures?
The bright crimson flame of a cardinal
calls out right here, right here, as if to mark the spot.
And my soul can’t help but sing back softly
to the gift of the river’s rising light,
the light of what we all are.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Truck's new driver for October 2016

Many thanks to Tero Hannula for our whirl through September!

Please welcome Laura Young, who will be taking the wheel for the month of October.

Truck's editor/drivers, past, present and future, as of October 1, 2016


Laura Young


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