Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stick figure. David Howard


            the world that I shall speak
            - Homer: The Odyssey, Book XX

what is a body for if not to catch
the sediment
that is light? on the horizon
God’s smudge

accept the world
you judge, otherwise it will judge you

an empty field is filled
with thistledown – that sounds profound
what does it mean?

perhaps you need to be the West Wind
understand the cult of the goddess
how the purple flower shivers
how words drift off


language is your parachute
into the abyss of experience, it has to
open, there is no reserve

the poem goes between

an act of speech, listen
a cloud asleep on the lake
your breath on a mirror

there, the stick


 / go lightly, an arrow travels farther than a spear
and falls on your man, who falls
forward, always forward /


the wild blue             zigzag 
cotton frock              border
empty sky                  shadowless

how                           come               
the light is wet          here                            
& the dark                 forever

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