Thursday, August 27, 2015

Matt Margo - ШШ

Gala Babak

- .... . -.. . . .--. 
.-. --- -.-. -.- ... 
..- -. -.. . .-. 
- .... . .. -.-. .

That's the
and faintly apprehensible
the deep 
under the ice


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Shloka Shankar

Liz Worth - Mirror Motion

Desire: unity through the crust of agony,
a pinprick of discord.
You wake with a headache and I eat too fast,
rush the light, the room already war in the sun.
Outside, a man vomits on the grass,
heavy gut hanging over his waistband.
I struggle for a perfect sentence, count sleepless benches,
sores on rows of unwashed ankles.

We are post-union, blanched syllables in a broken frame,
mirror motion bleached to brittle measures.

Move fast. Harmony stutters in the laneways, waiting.

Friday, August 14, 2015



Thursday, August 13, 2015

Maria Morisot - poem

It grabs
me; as I
thrash myself
in the
waiting room,
denying the
essence of
my existence;
that improper

And all
I can
see is
the bleak
passing of
a dead

Quick folds
of skin
expend them-

And I
giants of
within my
where I wait,
the echoes of
her words.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Neal Retke - The Blast Accord

The Blast Accord of File O’ Pendulum., 

The Withering grasp of aunts from abroad - 

The time of cloth slowly crossing smooth bottoms, and the scape of and on Hulls 

Bringing Perch to Dinners, Putting Chairs in Dens - 

Slinging out the Wages, Sizing up the Men - 

Hep - Thu Br e Hor 

He-‘ tu Wee floor 

Bankg Bung Carp Singing Bubble, Match 

Dogfish Godzilla Head 

Springs of Fire, Wells of Ill Laments - 

Do You Know where your Father is ? Do you know what he does when he’s gone ? 

I Would like to lay down on your blanket, I’ve a load I need

to Dump.

I’ll Take you off to Vegas - We’ll drink whisky from Stumps and Chicken feathers 

will get caught between our toes. 

Dirty Dozen Roses = Half a Johnny Cash, Bozo Tears 

For the Happiest Chumps on earth….

Planet Gingerbread

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mykhas Kobernyk - one poem twice

Вулиця прогинається, як ніс Лобачевського.
Тіні, дерева, дахи, павутина
Перетинаються в крику пташиному.
Голуби згадують Рімана.

Вітер пестує порожні будинки --
Цеглу, покрівлю, балкони і скло.
Я розкладаюсь вщент у крещендо.
Тут мене не було.

Краплі води замерзають, згортаються,
Тішать уяву, обпалюють очі.
Я повернуся до тебе сьогодні.
Я повертаюсь щоночі.

Volodymyr Bilyk - gee-gee-boloney

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Jon Henson - The lava friends

One pristine something learning burden
jumped off with alcoholic mascot kids
as to go shooting without getting
shot, and she,
anybody’s keeper, on home
runs from Jackson to the hook of a dream
she did not have.

OK, his is a chorus, a second evening
back to the tumble sometimes
and lyrics made to go beyond summer
or plain forget epistemology
for majestic kitchen expression
or footholds on what mountain’s about to begin

He cannot mean the cold
they felt in Caledonia
sorrow – I got book hits and dark and said
sweet autumn passageways

The alley sniffles on flags later equipped with rows of
houses, laundry hanging on lines between
them, formal sim-city yarn from
large balconies off the front of each floor

One line was from this large plastic
church pipe, dreaming guerillas and sky on
hooky blood and sighs for the city concept

Dumb stories, hands-on cops isolated the
shit out of folklore

And I was either observing myself here or else
a different ninja, the awareness that they were
supposed to be original, the lava friends

On the third floor a VoiceOver from the Shangri-La
it's a war, a kid belly bombs with bricks
Aries, Aries,
blades and drops every bank carnivore a Wagner
a nice sweater on the street below, a drag

For the want of a camera, his way of leaning
over the railing, terminally, with prophecies

corporate knuckles and labor

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Marianna Kijanowska - throwaway one-liner

істина є - і стинає.

(The fact is
the thing
it is 



Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sean Gallagher - 4 poems

Anodyne - Off​-​World Blues (Noumen 'Old Trees Gospel’ Remix)

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