Friday, July 1, 2016

Michael Boughn

larry . . . here from a book I am working on -- it's called Hermetic Divagations.

thanks Michael - I love "contracted//loss of laundry day vulval/extasis somehow ends up/with electromagnetizing Freemasons" - and that's not all . . .


Where you go is part
deflection, part memory
of water. Then she is there

terrified but splendent. War
raged, a word of incandescent
complications in later contexts

she would ignore, it rends
earth and sky, the shock announces
strange opening alive

with electrical energy
of the Celestial Bed. In thrall
to the Whore of Babylon electrifies

sex beyond acceptable
sociological standards of simply
explicable agony and contracted

loss of laundry day vulval
extasis somehow ends up
with electromagnetizing Freemasons

dancing politely while exact
intellectual components, olive
green, suggest distant mist

wreathed lake, embrace her in other
harmonious analogies as some
one who knows what was lost

Michael Boughn

Poet and teacher Robin Blaser on the left, Michael on the right,
Notable among other notable items: The H.D. Book by Robert Duncan
edited by Boughn and Victor Coleman, UC Press.

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