Friday, July 1, 2016

Joe Bottone



     I ride the train to Florence from Lucca
         and think of the pueblo in New Mexico
     where Corn Dance Clowns shake the earth as the train clickity
             clacks over the rails incantation.

             Visit Dante's home on Dante Alighieri street
    climb the stairs
 with the few curious tourist from China  
             I gaze at his dagger,
 his masterpiece open, lovingly placed under glass
             with blue illumination.

       Dante, your streets
the old winding roads of your Comedia still weep
           in anguish
  and the swallows, as always
       leave drops of blood in the sky
to fall on us like so much else.
          After all these years
do you still miss the sweet charms of her soft earth?

In the morning pale sky
               the church bells
         awaken the dead .

Shepherd flocks graze the green hillsides
         - oh,where is my name among the poets?
                      in these enchanted woodlands
          you might think mischievous
gods still rule the world.

Joseph Bottone

Years ago (1968) when Joe was living in Placitas, we had a lot of fun putting together the rather wild Oriental Blue Streak, a mimeo pub from duende . . . 

Here's Joe Bottone on the right. The late Bill Pearlman sitting in foreground.
Do see Joe's website:

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