Sunday, July 31, 2016

John Tritica

At the Edge of Hearing Seeing

                                 for Richard Hample

        I am listening
    at the edge of hearing
leaves’ mottled
  shade flutters me
    a swallow-tail’s flyway
        parallel to the bike
    the brilliant wings alight
            on a sycamore


       industrial warehouses
            beside the bike path
    goat heads weeds wild grass
         out here a hummingbird
               finds no nectar
          hovers    then
               carries the wind
                   straight up


              a good reason
               this is a first
                      the bird’s
         lost along hard soil draught
             datura could grow here
                       but no seeds
                            no moisture
                                 a stiff wind
                                       in the face
                                 you ride
                             a bike along
                       a diversion channel
                  into the sun            

                                          -- John Tritica


I've been painting my house & working the garden & not diligent about my e-mail--sorry. Thank you for using my poem--it's one that I like, situated in the high desert that is my place & home . . .  I loved seeing your archive--Steve Clay is terrific human being.  I once read in his gallery in Soho, which was closed a long time ago.  In any case, he's a great publisher, & an astute agent for landing archival materials.  What a fascinating collection of materials--thanks for sending this to me. . . .


(sneaking in at the last minute a poem by John Tritica 
and I thank you!)

Thank you to everyone for contributing and please please link to this July 2016 collection of poems and information . . . here it is for you all to use! If you click on your name and send that as a link (in the web address) your poem will show up. And thanks to Hal Johnson.

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