Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello and Love to All

Hal Johnson asked me and here I am for the month of July in 2016 and you might call this
LARRY AND FRIENDS since I just emailed for poems and any comment about "what you're up to" and most people sent in poems. To me this is further revelation that increasingly all poetry is local. Traditionally way back there were national entities of poetry, national poets even, but now there are entities within the national - poetry reading and publishing confabs in pockets entities just about everywhere. The populace of poets growing all around broken up into localities of us bards, bardic yawps everyplace. The locality I live and breathe in is Placitas Albuquerque Las Cruces Santa Fe Taos El Paso mainly but more often it's just plain ole Albuquerque-Placitas. The Facebook and email/website reaches are constantly extending and over time dear friends are in their own localities wherever increasingly.

So the poets here are some of the poets informed by the longstanding living locality plus the reachings out as everyone experiences, that growth - online, Facebook, music and "document" sites.

So welcome to all and thank you for sending poems and news and as long as my time allows (constantly being demanded on) please continue to send on here if you are indeed in some way a friend, a true acquaintance, surely you're welcome and I'll do my best.

For information about me it is embarrassingly all too available with more coming as I continue my project HEAR making much of my poetry work finally available.  And I can't help but recommend my 3 new books from Beatlick Press. And thank you, Hal.

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