Friday, July 1, 2016

Georgia Santa Maria

Photograph by Georgia Santa Maria

Hi, Larry—
I cheated—this was from the Balloon Fiesta last year, but it’s kind of fun for the 4th. Given the World’s political climate, I’m not feeling terribly gung-ho patriotic right now. More, a little depressed and wishing, as they used to say about children in school, that “we were living up to our potential (for good.)” Curious that we celebrate our country’s history by blowing shit up. The dogs have it right—hiding under the bed and waiting for it all to be over. Some fun news was that I was First Runner-up for the Lummox Poetry Contest, and my buddy Jane Lipman was 2nd. RD Armstrong came out from LA last week to visit and see what kind of magic JuJu our Sunday night writing group has. Here is a short poem for you, (from when Merimee & I were in Berlin and were awakened one night to an astonishing performance event.)

A Little Night Music

A little night music lends itself
to thoughts metaphysical:
the orgasm, publicly shared
throughout the public breezeway,
like cats, like coyotes, like dinosaurs,
growl and roar and scream
their delight, their joy, their pain.
Everybody wake up!
Observe the moon in its starry wake.
Hear the entire city shake.
The sleep-deprived observer smiles,
contemplates the variables
going toward the improbable
ten minute orgasm without a break!
Sexual eclectic, always profound—
an art installation in fury and sound,
we all want to know the sacred key,
(but, the heretic in me says fakery.)

Georgia Santa Maria

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