Sunday, July 10, 2016

Geoffrey Young


Is there a gun more dangerous
than the one whose owner
defends his god? Look
where we are now, worlds poisoned

by belief. How far is it to the horizon,
to the Sun going down, to Thou Shalt
Not? Grab something of value
from the burning house!

Be smart, be fearless, be focused
on present necessity, with liberty
and yogurt for all. Here’s my vote
for the equitable distribution of goods.

One pie, one family, one Earth, one knife, etc.
What’s a stack of cheese if we lose a planet?

 Geoffrey Young

i run a contemporary art gallery  (for the last 25 yrs). Geoffrey Young Gallery
i make my leetle books and do drawings, but only show other people's work.
my next show, Hanging Paper, is a group show.
will use the new colored pencil drawings in my next book (of short prose).

no title yet . . .

geoffrey young

geoffrey young

thank you, Geoff . . . 

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