Friday, July 1, 2016

Jules Nyquist

Gun Crazy

            Gun Crazy is a film noir movie from 1950 directed by Joseph H. Lewis.

Does it start with boys and bb guns
Aiming at anything that moves
Including the dog?
Movie theater madness
Bonnie & Clyde

The Judge asks the boy
Why did you do it?

I don’t know, he says.
My sister says shooting is the only thing I’m good at.
It’s what I want to do
When I grow up.

I feel good when I shoot
Like I’m somebody.

Jules Nyquist


white yucca flowers
irreversible time
at Trinity Site

Jules Nyquist is the founder of Jules Poetry Playhouse, LLC in Albuquerque, NM where she teaches poetry classes and invites visiting poets to read.

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