Saturday, July 30, 2016

Alan Casline

Larry, here is a poem . . . . 
Best, Alan Casline
(note: Alan lives in Albany, NY)

  sardines swimming small

          old salty says “sardines
                          pure with
                        no one to bait a hook
                                            that little"

we plant the spirit of something smaller
 the mesh of the spirit of something smaller

              a little like love
  the sardines squeeze their
  spirits for us
 spirits shaped like toothpaste
  spirits pushed out under pressure

              they are swimming with garbage

to protect all beings
                                  gather poets
  from our axletree broken wagon
  poets spilled on low-lying ground
we stop on the swale
just beyond us
             at sea    the rainbow
out over the emerald sea


             little taste for fish
             vague how they, how they
come back again
                               a few left alone  

                           beauty sardines with
                         the beauty of swimming

"Sardine poem from August 4, 2009 reconfigured from Persian translation by machine — " Alan Casline (December 12, 2013)

Poets on the trail of "The Burning Springs" *(in NY) - photo from Casline's FB photos. (thanks.)

Alan Casline is second from the right. The gentleman on the right (unusual for him) is our friend John Roche . . .

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