Friday, July 1, 2016

Mary Oishi


Attached are 2 poems that I haven't already published. One is obviously really recent.

What I've been up to?

Working in public radio takes up much of my time not spent sleeping. Then there's writing and performing poems, both of which are acts of joy and magic. Oh, and there's taking care of dogs--mine and friends' on occasion. Volunteering with gay youth one night a week, which I've done for 19 years. Preparing my blues show--that's about 9 hours of prep time. Listening to and cataloging new CDs for airworthy tracks. Checking Facebook. Ranting about the state of things. Trying to grab hope and keep dancing. Nothing much, I guess.
Note: Mary is a luminary at KUNM-FM and her blues show on Wednesday is fantastic and gutsy.

cottontail cop

hulkin' philadelphia cop
under mayor rizzo
braggin' to his fellow
civil war reenactors--

i used to dress up
in a bunny suit
yeah, a full bunny suit
head to toe
big fuckin' ears and all
damn straight i got a confession
out of the stupid sonsabitches
worked every damn time
what're they gonna say?
some giant bunny came in,
beat the piss outta me
oh yeah, go ahead, go ahead asshole!
they're really gonna believe
that one alright!

mary oishi

orlando 2

when I encounter the
consequences of hate
i can’t help but wish
for a widespread outbreak
of kindness

i am not less than
nor am i a threat because of
my mixed heritage
or mixed gender
(though you perceive me woman)

some times past
in many places
i would have been feared
forcibly repressed
for being left handed

i have never fit the mold.

but you need me
the Big You needs us all:
right, left, and ambidextrous
bi, straight, trans, and gay

when you really stop
and think about it
we’re all queer
in some kind of
some which way

mary oishi

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