Sunday, April 7, 2013


fever direction

fever segment what lingered what
shouted future regimes lengua
tronada exhaus if it nt c
rashed the wall interventionis
t hair sink media luna
source material drowning s
pace the poetry scale se
abren los lápices transcriptic
isoclam tolerance takking
plunge fork’s teeth and
anguage silt dysfuntional
burning in the O grey
skin visual visociety a
bout the dog clock footpaths
yelmo que “entiendo” book-
plank panic uhuh pork-
loss concrete cenote de
libros drools the true
jején a solas pregnancy
spinning the necrosis glass
spring snake palab rotas
rhetorix sed conejos clus
tered hubbewtee shot
mouth wall dream street
socks casket extrópico
wax ads doghair clot
mir rored night events
stereo nooztotl the whi
mpered chains screen
typing gnats swallowed
in tlapalli in tlilli bir
thpla no presente that
extra bee los lentes y
el centro boats trans
formed una muñeca
enumeronte expands
class bomb pared par
tida flat revolution la
más cara re versal smoke
toward central drain my
vacuum manual tongue I
thought innate libraries
fog cuadrada var ior
existences revoisal center
questions with mud
might delving buttocks
seismic rotting bees
spinning bowl eros corn
a cloud if insular
thigh gatherings ersatz
leak oscillates effluenza
duties of the putrifact

horizontal signs in all directions

Found in Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 21, 2012
and John M. Bennett’s
Liber X, Luna Bisonte Prods, 2012

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