Sunday, April 14, 2013


te quiero espejo

yr leaking lint hole yard
damper where the laundry
sinks my foot troubled
in yr double wheezed f
ork fork  .ah the ahsh
net cloudy rising from the
l   a   w   n    my agèd corn
my knockwurst floating in
uh bowl  )el ervation(
ate the motes  )))))waited
for results( (  (   (    (     (      (       (        (

d e t e r g e n t   d r o p p i n g

...verde...y limpio...
- Federico García Lorca

The Shoe Mirror

your looted shoe your
hah FOOT LOOT fol
ded like a sock stink burb
ling next your ,bed f
lowered:::l int YOUR
IR a mirror or windshiel
d d raining in the spaltered

it’s how it’s when it’s
yes nor no

...draining the spoon.
- Jack A. Withers Smote


my coughing in yr lake tube
my jowl fluttered gash my
ish you spills across the
f loor or lore ingrown
beneath yr chair  .a
shore of butts and plastic
bottles and a tineless
comb I  )drained inside(
I  )bowed and coughed(  I
)named the bay your(
fist dropped in a  )st
one fulla wate
r ( (  (   (    (     (      (       (        (         (

...spl ash...
- C. Oudter Negck

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