Saturday, April 27, 2013


Burnt Elf 1

Ammonia chortles at coal knocked about
Bulb of nicotine
Effects (w/ dead batteries)
Luncheon drill for Federal coloring tax
Windchill near scaffolding
minute hand can't connect (parched B.T.U.s)
blackened eyes beady polarized judge
communicates to the wall of heartworms
Reassurance festooned with honey

Bubbles in the atrophy puts toilets in elevators (down only)
Leverage fells family values
Bank statements on my eyelids turn my new car inside out
I vomit transmission fluid on his shoes in the misty fog
to meddle in his talentlessness
Here's where the plan breaks down:
Worms on puzzle pieces, burnt pizza, shrugging mutations
A flatscreen belly up in a fish tank
The block captain has a seizure.

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