Monday, April 15, 2013


               Toilet Claw
               Feather stars teasel pinnules of imbulbiated
               polka dots tumping the off-kilter arse apse
               under the titanium chrysalis of the faecal
               Unclamp the toilet claw, unhinge the anal
               fork, ungulate the unctuousness, pectinate
               the prouns, hindgut the chuffed mungo, scut
               the pungi.
               Pendulous umbels of petty, flagrant
               blossoms nod & belch like the dangling
               scrotum of a tapir's kok-wattle evanginating a
               zoopsia's zugswang.
               Swaths of zyzzyva yapok kakkerlak the
               bogong trichobezoar unsheathing the rubber
               tub stopper's bipennis anablep fardibaggin'
               the zumbooruk.
               Lewd coudee coom dooabs the musnud fichu
               oikofugically quipuing the jundie dunch
               zabooing nuchal-humped pipsissewa's dicey
               suckermouth hawsehole.
               Ismine barbled anal pouch injecting venom,
               louder toothcomb sorrel's subtler cnidocysts'
               pointless vestigial digits, delineated pincer-
               Ossified eyespots' sublingual mambas brood
               neat-pleats of stringybark, saccular stances
               of nuanced crinoids' flaccid-smooshy,
               spongin' osmunda

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