Sunday, April 21, 2013


Going Faster Miles an Hour

The picture of clouds wraps over a town full of sentences. Someone explains the meaning of slightly peering, ropes tying close to heaven, bells settling in topics for days on end. Trees reach a human level of gasping, sensitive to words that have been used. Hours later, someone tries expanse. It filtered thru targets and method for day long confabs. We needed more human tanks.
Work crews divide zero for the nth time, which struck a postulate for all to hear. The squeaks of civilization cannot improve dialogue between verb (doing) and noun (thing). It's a late night, fox crosses road for fortune.
A talking telephone pole stands for eloquence. Chechnya wants to be a verb. And while we sing anthems, a dark tone poem writes a “text message”. Something you can “get”.
Crisis is a patch of sand on a formerly remarkable situation. We have tractors to tell us the favour that expanse seeks. Obama is the President of Mayor. This causes all the jaunting modern lovers on the deck of sprinting to complain. Lecture the infinite, peopled beings, while you still have time.

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