Sunday, April 7, 2013


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                    Jow wuns slipe snikt burf, slurpish thwip
                    snarfing pidjuns' ungoofoam, smift winky
                    jinkies' lovelorn wuzzle noozles' floofy
                    juggins' spooch.
                    Slush slop fleaks snice snotsicles in the
                    mbaqanga thaw hole cabobbling binged
                    vootery popples nipping the frory smud
                    flaiking the snown gak
                    Skairy wroot cyoot duz wut parasitic slugs
                    grouse squashed: deontic ohomoonex waz
                    skift squee: madeupical penii eyes yoinking
                    shlinked swarf
                    Spry metasyntactic muzak earwigs the
                    chlorella plotbunny's finger-ponds' gaffs
                    spurling chaordic, shriveled-up night
                    crawlers' rubber soles.
                    Assploded fumkbs sniffz grinchy-glurged
                    fickzes imbued with the undertones of
                    intermammary sulcus noooes, derpy dwives'
                    stoopid looby yooz.
                    Sapid twincest mimp delurks the
                    particularity of felicific ankle biters' jossed
                    hackles dwaaled by the killjoys of logorrheic
                    Wawder doozer fraggles skift snorks of cretic
                    swinge, qoph peelers' dampy poochie dub,
                    slumpy snawie slodder sposhing eeyore's
                    upstroke slosh.
                    Sound hole suq: chivy chemic enthymeme
                    muddles awile in the vomit bukkit dibbling
                    kludgy buqsha snirt, pingo swimps flirting
                    with the snowgh
                    Clickjacking the shitflap, ungored spigoty
                    palp goozled the splitty-desuffixed, frissony
                    tussis' swotty-skonky dumka bumb, unngh
                    fubsy dits
                    Exudy endomorph clepe putto cuexca tititi
                    shoat adoze cupuled wheen -- fructuous
                    incunabulum succumbing to headlong
                    translunary atomicity.
                    Tongy zork yutz thugged the chittery
                    coccyxes' dummy load of ruddled gyges'
                    sphygmo cun: tabid wrasse sfouf poodly
                    iridizing the zilchy bhoga
                    Cheeky hijinks snog biguously skewed
                    tailwinds' slipperiness, swinkfuls of bluidy-
                    swallooped foo fu, retracted sparklypoo's
                    outflanked chorL
                    Wangst headwords squee death by tweakage,
                    oblique blinkenlights moonwake somewhen
                    in the snorifice sunglade, twoth urple
                    giddy overmorrow

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