Thursday, April 25, 2013


In the garden of Even

The Silence’s lovers in bed
Are toasting each other the first one for dream
And the second for reality
The third is crying
faceless on the steps
Sex is present as the fourth
or synonym
5 women are shopping on the 23rd avenue
desires, less than 24
Stop                                     like                              rocks                          in          windows
Number six is not sick only it feels
Exhaustion and starts an
interested evasion
7 is
8 is infinite you see
that and do laugh
Nine isn’t

In reverse
still hitting sweet 16
and oneness

zero reigns


a fat round plane
a huge pregnant cat
ladies wait in line at the tailor’s parlour
fifteen layers a dress it means you’re 15
that’s a good age for
the ink faced boy who eats
and all the food
that seems paper
goes to your head
wake up baby! this trip we use cars
hit the moon by the other side
(end of the line)
going and hiding it
clouds of sober dots or comma moon

I stood there on the balcony
alone and the thought of her
was strong a hangman’s rope
the quiet night around me had
claws one single baby sound lit up
the floor

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