Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MITCH CORBER - Diddled Rimple

Diddled Rimple                           

I've riddled the tidal wafer wrist
intentions somehow moist in arid
corners Mondays serene
of a nervy evening deemed
to renew the wiry greetings

This jealous warp in lieu of persons
in the personal likewise a chewed
indentation gnawed the Bostonian
longshoreman dimpled with a peek
into the plastic

Inflate life vest as you exit East West
Mexican Air a Frère Jacques lilt
debonair rare books supersweet
treat to the root of runaway cuticles
cut away below the blade

Knots fit the noose they frazzle
with all the tugging nagging
and foul play radiating from lumbar-sag
and ear jag the centerpiece
a three-dollar bill of fare

Fistfuls of fashion stamp sunken eyes
with drunken litanies of civilitude
Minis moved to strut the damp emotions
stoned to aching ears peculiar
to spikes rip-roaring

Pundits appeal to the ridges
of soft-sprung Tantalus lifting
limitless charades of stay-at-home
skeletal titillations tossed raw
through the lunatic tunic

Shoulders older than mercury midrange
danger-tiles a bowed enclosure
roosting in the nestle of a now-forgotten
urgency, furthering the claim of mainframe
cities borne of belligerence

Huts of scud, rude irrational
bellypots rustic in a thud manner
Belts slapped from the scrape
of a mattress trapped by embraceable
bubbles on a bitter tongue

If juries ascertain a lane change
in the Chinese Checker lexicon
the wily wind will issue a temporary
lapse in the pastiche of the day's
most proud

Things manifest in an oodle
of Thai noodles slurping slithery
cheek shrieks of tingle rhythms
in time to wriggle the raw
tentacles of a tickle

Unwrinkling the brewing moment
eviscerating a cello and her articles
of sin, relegated to a purposed
imposing of double rubdowns
in a speakable stew endowed

Rash in the fast lane of furious
expectations, no second guess
was a test of merit or motive
His was a brutal breeze
in the leapfrog rumination

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