Sunday, April 28, 2013


requetefluxus requete requete re
quetefluxus requetefluxus reque
te requete requete requete requete
fluxus flujo del mar ácrido
del mar ácido del mar inrequete
ámbito del respirar inrequete
doloroso inrequete inrequete in
requete seco del pecho in
undado del fluxus requete
reflujado resaca de los
70 años requeteflojos in
flados requeteinertes y re
queteahumados como
migas echadas en el sueño
del flujo requeterequetere

- George Maciunas

- Kurt Schwitters

- Ramón López Velarde

 tch cloud ,nuk tap e
yr ,barri cade ,s lope a
way ,blood d rains out a
)...crawl...(  span dex
atrim yr ,feat hers sp
ot  ·)The Spitter crawls(·
clotty knots deck yr
shirt  .the drilling fog the
,soap thinking in its blurry
fog  ...heavy tubes
wander off...

...shoe...street, with smoke...

fe there
the fried dust the watt
leakage ,why wire ,net
clinking with ,uh yr
,peldaño ,foco ,usanza
famélica ,mis truenos
demobilizados ak ak k
a ka ,chain de mudada de
tenida de mostrada y
mustia como mi lenk
gua gua  .the tired
c rust the f lat be ak
turning on the edge of
the roof

 Stunned in lunch my leg storm
halfer swollen bright burrito
swirling on my lap those rabbits
jerking through the door it’s
,flake your head skin’s off
,daub yr throat with pico
de gallo  ¡ay Ondina tus
caderas eloteras!  )))numb
along the beach my eye in
ddisttanttt  bowl of hills

- Lope de Vega

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