Tuesday, April 9, 2013



take wood & other
think of things


it isn’t your pipe mouth
tendril cheek               eight creases
upside along               crosswise deep
not depth of thought               dance eyelash
wire screening & lath whiten
every owl in flight past beak
that is what it is          ear or car


from head to foot trampolining won’t work
sleight feathers darken bright yellow guttae
look up at the till                    cleft
open highways                        at knee
[illegible] helmet as in flashlight
what has happened to the chimney toe
recount the music spin & turn

            3 cookie mask

saturday won’t exclusively sing verdi
wavy lines in bright styrene
and look at that smile two front
teeth missing              someone’s swiped it
heel toe heel toe
now sing                     what weather
recharge the batteries in 

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