Sunday, April 7, 2013


as collage 6

i wasn’t sure what he was trying to do
    or what he was capable of doing
i don’t mean that he was trying stuff out
& i just didn’t get what he was trying
i mean i just didn’t get what he was trying to

a 350 degree climate change – blow wind southerly
            steven’s theory is based on
separating psychological cheapskates
         from material cheapskates
          impudent mother-fuckers
     from those daring darwin to win

               as collage 7

i stare into richard wilbur’s spine
admittedly never having read richard wilbur
nor hearing richard wilbur read
i try to imagine his voice     &
come up with something between husky dark
& rich then i add a thick brooklyn accent
oh that’s my voice i’m hearing

as collage 8 (for e.d.)

here is fascical knowledge
the pin plus pen
a fragment enveloped within shifting
influences (this segment of the poem is dedicated
to a woman who wrote along the edges
of envelopes)
the falling apart of structure
the shortage of elements
the how of war & its collapses
& how it collapses / eclipses our desires
fragments us like explosions
divides us into temporal new wholes
coughing horrors OF
changing sentinels that guard our words
as we guard our words
& are sentenced to hiding

we change our identities the way
we change our penmanship
the way unnamed manuscripts are lost
illegible or in eternal transition
internal rotation
a carnival of facsimiles
like history –
the falling apart from structure
gesture / inscription / legible to
illegible / landmarked temporality of
souls / dissected / hammered / nailed to the wall
is falling a part of structure?
(think of this portion as being in the shape of an envelope)

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