Sunday, April 7, 2013


philophobia, irreversibly
engorged, mystic fire dreamachine,
communication sickness,
momentum cluster, brandt,
vylmc b cluster, a whimsical
left hook, the first zoo, sharjah,
poor people have eyes, adderall,
alprazola, warp and weft b,
the amboy dukes, nonliterature,
an affective aesthetic,
psycholinguistic orientalism,
hopes to erase cannot, complete
the census—it’s the law,
branded hotel, she’s gone but
she can be replaced, textual
domestication, foreignization,
dialogic interpreter,
translator’s block, fluency
fetish, palace brothers, when
you regain your composure,
let’s not talk oughts, madri
gal, ryoan-ji, ndp,

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