Thursday, April 11, 2013


Adjunct 2

The sky streaked across the sky the sky sky gaze hazy manifold burns on
highway aneurism processional devoid of (language )([        ]) once the
perpetual motion stops scopolamine pukes your dollar shirt in the
meteor shower in the parlor a bum in Albuquerque who,
tornado pants, me daughters again
Coughing I stumble my plastic spork stuffed in a wallsocket, pants in pockets,
socks on my ears I sing in the kitchen zinc psoriasis (bag of fingernails)
stops the streetlight - 'person of interest' - turned insideout
(I feel fuzzy) lapis lazuli carpeting (anthrax & radiation) (radiatio) (radio)
His toothpick a toilet  an incinerator
My forehead vista 1919 of broken promises and small plastics,
sneezing my brain spurted (medication and goat cheese)
(meditation & oat fleas)
m' pineal gland itches


(for the tornado dead of 4/11/65)

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