Wednesday, April 3, 2013



my eyes em path)etic(  t
ocked or watch unwound
ack u rate in chattering
time what’s that a shoe
.had scattered through
the mud & turds a
weeping puzzle wrap a
chowder of them thou
ght less guns o ojos
zapotecas con crema de
itzcuintli  )Anahuac a
hogado(  where I saw
“the hole”

...numbered off...

...en los pisos altos...
- Carlos Fuentes

Espejo de la Carpeta

C hop the h am wr ist off the
g ate  )whirrring like the
moon your buttered leg your
bubbled cloud reef lection
- dink gaze - )that cab
b age steaming in the s ink
.towels and legs a mou
th nor th cou ghing
ch op c hop chee
p or ea  )where my
nickel streams  )your
fan burning on the
r  ô  õ  f  ~  )my
blistered gland ptomaine
my  )fast eners ,fasteners
g raze(  (   (    (     (      ( mantequilla de tu frente.
- Franc Aristide de Cabeza de Vaca

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