Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 Hermaphroditic Twatter
                         Wumbo yonic chool jimmin bloon sloots'
                         prefried dank-sluiced goot, crunk-clammy
                         yomp untwoked, blup giid doxxed moocified,
                         quite hamishly.
                         Jajaja: blarpy biznatches squinch qrong
                         sozzles in the awkwamole bwub, wanton
                         bloop-drunch snizzling snerpy cowpiles of
                         gigglying swagoo
                         Girthy cringes mook jepic-derping donky
                         womp choching slores of woopy gonk
                         twoting maggoty catheter ablations
                         objurgating a glassine cheekini
                         Blubba daddy longlegs gops uglyer-zooted
                         ballbag sluz & a fustrating colostomy bag
                         swoobing numpty vajoo-cooch gunking up
                         the weaselly kwazzle.
                         Snow trilliums tweep the twat'ed twunt of
                         skoochy tweejits on the fraffy slag dump
                         where oodles of poot blop the crizzled
                         spazbo's crapjects
                         Yee, hermaphroditic moosik excapes
                         aureoline mold spores' rancid kapoooya
                         wabs vluting the lulzy detritus whonerds'
                         araneously-hoyed oosh.

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