Thursday, March 7, 2013

Philip Meersman

Office Suite

I power pointed death
bulleting the deceased
adding graphics ‘n sound
deconstructing war
no longer an army
no longer an arm
but pieces
of chess
of flesh
scattered over the screen
squashed onto the retina
Bold, Underlined and Italic
Save changes or discard?

Philip Meersman ♂
Writes in NL, EN, FR, DE, ES & multilingual forms
Creates impro, sound & poetry installations & performances using current affairs, socio-political & environmental issues in BE, NL, FR, IT, AT, BG, MK, RO, IL, AR, EE,…
Translated in AR, BG, EE, EN, ES, FR, IT, IW, JP, MK, RO, RU & ZH
Appointed member of the International Academy of Zaum and president of their Belgian branch
Published internationally in magazines, (festival) anthologies, & on the www
Co-founder of DAstrugistenDA, artiestencollectief JA!, BruSlam, ESPN & TnXR-productions
Coordinator of the Belgian and European Championships Poetry Slam
Teaching poetry & performance + consultant & scout for poetry programming
Words are weapons & images of a(n un) certain meaning






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