Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jasper Brinton

appearances are outages
invisible pigmentation
consider writing time split
cracking shells split nuts
exclaim today’s catalogue
dear reader—inks are heavenly
someone’s arbitrary constancy
before the poor terrapin
tergiversates the landline
and if hereabouts the list dulls
try a new pinch of dry herb
effacement builds the kernel
the log for surrogate paper
Jasper Brinton born in Alexandria Egypt, was educated in the Middle East, Scotland and the United States. Over the years he has worked in publishing, printing, architecture, ceramics and wood.  He lives near Kimberton, Pennsylvania in a restored schoolhouse and sails the Chesapeake in an old but seaworthy sloop. His poetry has appeared in Eccolinguistics and On Barcelona. 






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