Monday, March 4, 2013

Jasper Brinton


Think this material mistaken
we believe a century talks
we exist pure bronze
worn by thrash and drench
Who will say pebbles segue
thud with drab day on time
character a chosen puzzle
                    tag us as shadow nostalgia
or believe the kite shop shut
We learn the quickened axiom
the coal shed and the discard
deep whales a set cynosure
of afternoon thought and home
better sprung than father’s
Jasper Brinton born in Alexandria Egypt, was educated in the Middle East, Scotland and the United States. Over the years he has worked in publishing, printing, architecture, ceramics and wood.  He lives near Kimberton, Pennsylvania in a restored schoolhouse and sails the Chesapeake in an old but seaworthy sloop. His poetry has appeared in Eccolinguistics and On Barcelona. 






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  1. Jasper--I really enjoy the economy of this poem. It pops and snaps with so many words that carry much denotation and connotation, and leaves out so many unnecessary articles, prepositions, etc. For me, it makes me feel a little taken aback by its force, but that ain't a problem. Milton's PL does the same thing! (A book's coming your way soon.)