Monday, March 25, 2013

George J. Farrah


the fluid which is light which is liquid which is

glass which is heavy with cuts and danger

to move it in sheets which fit in dust

which move through printing

and paint or they are moving behind it

safe and in continual danger to watch

their weight go away separate

come back as a color a smudge on our side or their side

the light is on their side or our side but cuts in between if they

move or drive or stop and

recover the lid the direction

and remember the turns or the lights when

they were talking weren't talking

it remembered for them a smudge

of color on the walls on the doors

an opening in the spoon in the

telephone in the rain

to sell it not immediate not money not sold

not numb like the lake rim opening on it pleasure

or pressure in the toes on the air in it or around

swans or ducks that anger not selling pressure or

pleasure that die opening to follow them

not sold yet a flew an ached to swallow pressure

a whole a break clearing in the grain in a race

not looking not on a door not a lime or a stack


George J. Farrah received an MFA from Bard College, NY.

Book forthcoming from Ravenna Press, The Low Pouring Stars

His work has appeared in The Washington Review, Open 24 Hrs., Ribot, BUGHOUSE, Fourteen Hills, Disturbed Guillotine, Tight, Aileron, Fish Drum, The Columbia Poetry Review; Caldron And Net, Moria , CROWD, Xstream, MORIA, Ampersand, Elimae, Blaze VOX, BHOuse vol.2, Blue and Yellow Dog, Experiential-Experimental Literature, Los Magazine,
Anemone Sidecar and others.

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