Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dan Ryan

Minions and Onions...January 2013

Me and my girl Mary…the Muffin Queen herself
blastin westward on I-70 across the crazy American Heartland of our dreams
far gone into conclusion we’d reach Old Santa Fe tomorrow
auricularly grooving on Reverend Raunch and the Dope Smokin Alter Boys
current devas of the Bible Beltway

the minions of the mid west... from the prairie of the Great Plains
veins flowing with the dust of that sacred and holy geography…
(Mary’s geography, actually, herself bein of the prairie)
“ Let us meet amongst the minions on the field of onions"  I suggest
“ How delicious! “ says she…” Minions and onions…I’ll make soup"
the minions being salt of the earth, poisoning the soil
(and onions)
of the mid - American continent…Ohio to Kansas
from which Dorothy and Toto are on permanent vacation from…
where mad Americans drunk on the fear of living
beg the great questions of death…
”If you die today where will you spend ETERNITY?”
 (when you die you’re just dead…that’s it)
reptilian visionaries…what a weary bunch…
willingly waiting in line for misery at the fundamentally evangelical
Church of the Rude Awakening
(House of the Un-risen Son to unbelieving unbelievers like me)
congregated by a woebegone pitiful congregation
heads bent in worship of the existently non-existent
talking in low, whining voices
repeating over and over again “ yes…yes…yes. “
and so forth…
(I sensed the madness it put in them)
with expectant expectation for a Kansas resurrection crucifiction
(it was such fun the first time, why not again – a jucy crucy?)
violence bein a Christian - American tradition…
mad crazy Americans are addicted to it…
speakintongues holyrollin Christian soldiers
mouthfrothin ready to kill for Christ, mom and her apple pies
no thought given to indecisive indecision
mindfully gripping an ephemeral sense of a real unreality
it’s what happens when you start losing your mind…
individually and collectively

We (again)…
Me and my girl Mary…the Muffin Queen herself
in a furiously flurry of agreed upon decisions
whereby deciding Holy Kansas to be Creep City
roar off at maximum boplicity across the remaining portions of
the Sunflower State
(leavin slack-jawed gaping faces in our absence)
out-pulling the gravity of fear inherent in the inheritance of the
generally mad to be saved populous
onward and outward bein my motivational motto
out, out and away from that holysacredcow con game
no desire to travel that heavengoing highway to hell with
a busload of wingnuts
I also apparently suffering no unwillingness to sit
in soundly closed-minded judgement - without guilt or reservation…
the Muffin Queen keeping mum on the subject as we roll on into Colorado



After spending an extensive number of years attempting to save the world from itself while living in Olympia, Washington, Dan Ryan followed his sweetie to Minnie's Apple Crisp, Missinota in July, 2012. Determined to approach life from a more obtuse angle, he is now a thoroughly committed Zen slacker, practicing guilt-free attachment to hanging out in coffee shops, reading all the wrong books, writing poetry, and enjoying other sensual pleasures. No longer in search of truth, he is instead looking for a good fantasy.






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