Monday, March 11, 2013

Philip Meersman


Story, Painting, Picture, Book.
History, Amnesy

Concentration, Camouflage, Foxholes, Preemptive Strike

Blitzkrieg, Shoot-and-scoot, Run n' Gun,
Ambush, Skirmish
Scorched Earth, Booby Trap, Minefield

Smurfs in, Smurfs out
Declaration, Headline News

Torture, Slaughter, Plunder, Rape
Story, Painting, Picture, Book.
History, Amnesy

Philip Meersman ♂
Writes in NL, EN, FR, DE, ES & multilingual forms
Creates impro, sound & poetry installations & performances using current affairs, socio-political & environmental issues in BE, NL, FR, IT, AT, BG, MK, RO, IL, AR, EE,…
Translated in AR, BG, EE, EN, ES, FR, IT, IW, JP, MK, RO, RU & ZH
Appointed member of the International Academy of Zaum and president of their Belgian branch
Published internationally in magazines, (festival) anthologies, & on the www
Co-founder of DAstrugistenDA, artiestencollectief JA!, BruSlam, ESPN & TnXR-productions
Coordinator of the Belgian and European Championships Poetry Slam
Teaching poetry & performance + consultant & scout for poetry programming
Words are weapons & images of a(n un) certain meaning


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