Friday, March 1, 2013

Mary Kasimor

blood twins


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el     e   p   h  an    tswo   n  ’t to uc h  it   s o  pe     ra  tio   n

Mary Kasimor has most recently been published in the following journals: Yew Journal, Big Bridge, Reconfigurations, Moria, Otoliths, Certain Circuits, The Bakery, and Altered Scale. She received a Fellowship from US Poets in Mexico for the 2010 Conference. She was also a Finalist in the 2011 Ahsahta Chapbook Contest. She has two books of poetry, & cruel red (Otoliths 2010) and silk string arias (BlazeVOX 2008). She has a new chapbook, Duplex (Altered Scale 2013) available in February 2013.















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