Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mary Kasimor

blueberry jungle
through blinds uninvolved SEX WHITE
sheets Buddha WAITS. birdlike knitting
needles TWO drawers of socks undocumented
ROMANCE. violin Lilacs white FIRE a disabled zone
montana’s ELASTIC FATE blood running out. a
glutinous ass private speech food TAX white BREAD
parts CULTURE free blueberry jungle occuping
theater Free for ALL. grazing BUTTER flies tennis
fears UP Balls beach STAR stale loons parts
of PARTS mouse pieces agonizing thoughts feels
fate. PAT baggage. Casino HELL hallucinations old folks
educating Aristotle AVE. truck KING discovers
midwest SPIES. facebook Speed bumping DUCTS.
                                precocious river crows tough STONES
disposable IQ delicious CONTRAST poet central
potable MILK weed remote gloom locked. DIGS
absence spacious WIRED furniture blank face
fancy MONKEYs exchange easy car collecting
BABIES welfare. DITCH fusion furniture ex-ray talk
tough fate captures THEATER face.
Mary Kasimor is the March guest editor of Truck.


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