Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I35 Creativity Corridor: Index of Writers, April 2015

This month's Truck has been to say--to show--there's writing in/within this region/these regions (heartland/plains/prairies north-to-south) worth dropping into, worthy of extend/ed/ing engagements. Thanks again to Kyle Schlesinger, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, Grant Matthew Jenkins, and Jeff Hansen for providing many of the vital coordinates for this drive. And thanks to Halvard Johnson for giving me the keys!

When you've got the time, when you're ready to go anywhere and seriously go there, give some of these writers a ride:

From Texas:

Charles Alexander

Kyle Schlesinger

Cindy St. John

Lisa Moore

Desiree Morales

Tina Posner

David Longoria

Ash Smith

From Oklahoma:

Todd Fuller

Timothy Bradford

 Pretty sure I saw Anne WaldmanLisa Lewis, and Ai in Tim's back pocket.

Grant Matthew Jenkins

 Pretty sure I saw Ron Padgett and Ted Berrigan in Grant's back pocket.

Sandra Soli

Chad Reynolds

Hugh Tribbey

Jeanetta Calhoun Mish

Larry Bierman

Pretty sure I saw Madison Morrison in his back pocket.

From Kansas:

From Iowa:

From Minnesota:

Mary Kasimor

Michael Jacobson

Tom Cassidy

Jeff Hansen

I've enjoyed navigating Truck for the last month. I got to do a virtual poetry road trip, spend time cruising with old friends and riding shotgun with many writers I had not known well. 

I foresee locating another Truck, perhaps my own blog (Scorecard), to do another trip, but not just virtual this time. There's a lot of creativity in the geographical center of this country; there's been a lot of creativity for hundreds of years. I'm thinking of interviews with writers, videos of readings and performances in and around the place/s these writers inhabit, with some poking around in archives.

Why? So I can hit the road with old friends, roll the windows down, and pump up the poetry, while meeting new writers--and rediscovering writers who have enlivened these spaces--along the way.

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