Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I35 Creativity Corridor: David Longoria, Austin, TX, April 8

David Longoria, born in Houston, is a poet and songwriter living in Austin, Texas. 
He has published a chapbook of poetry called Cow River (Abandon Press, 2013), as well as it’s companion, a debut solo cassette tape of music titled I See The River (self-released). 
He also leads the band called The Black.

Dry hard leaf skipping

down the sidewalk while I strive

for some perfection


Crying with a friend 

life happening all over 

indoor plant waving


Electrical box
you too are made of the sun 
one last look at dusk



you wave to someone the wind is blowing through a tree

with no leaves

they don’t wave back


Old town Laredo 
International gateway 
Nuevo Laredo


the equation

of the falling leaf’s 

acceleration and landing time

is a leaf long work you may

not solve in this

leaf time

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