Sunday, April 26, 2015

I35 Creativity Corridor (or tributaries thereof): Robin Brox, West, Lima, WI, April 26

Robin F. Brox is the author of Sure Thing (BlazeVOX  [books], 2011) and collaborator with mIEKAL aND on a sound-for-sound translation of Bruce Andrews's Factura, Of Fracture (Xerox Sutra Editions, 2012). Her poems are in online journals including Dusie, Gritty Silk, The Volta, Fortunates, and others; she has also published several chapbooks and is the founder and curator of Saucebox Book Arts, a feminist micro press. Originally from Buffalo, New York, Brox now lives in the rural Driftless hills of southwest Wisconsin at a permaculture ecovillage, Dreamtime Village, a fair piece east of I-35. She is working on a manuscript, Pomegranates, that combines poetry and photography, as well as promoting Sex+Positive Self Love on social media.

Divorce Poem

i called
the marriage
a spade

The Toothpaste Poem

in the medicine cabinet
the crumpled tube of toothpaste

following the manufacturer's instructions
i squeeze from the bottom
for best results

replacing the now-perfect tube
in the cabinet
i know you'll happily squeeze
its middle again

from Pomegranates:

Ladies, Kindly Do Your Soliciting Discreetly — at The Corner of Mohawk Street & Limitless Joy

Indian apple drops, cracks open
invitation sent in wine colored fruit
now exposed to air and peeling fingers
and spectacle of eyes with or without glass
what joy belongs to a forgotten piece of fruit
alone with her myriad dreams, enough to
suddenly open thoughts aware as ever
how minute change sparks the
sensations to follow, distance is a foray
forward when time will not play along

—po(e)m near granite— — at On the Roads Leading South from Zarzis.

when e is missing
thought is flat—
might rocks sound
as words or constraints

& could oil
the slipping shift
of story

moist hands
smooth you
wisp of cautious
curling upward

voicing sand
in its quartz choir
microscopic colorbombs
sing fantastic form
into what is

drab from afar
brownish and not articulating

its truth:  sublimity

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