Saturday, April 25, 2015

I35 Creativity Corridor: Dan Coffey, Ames, IA, April 25

I will be channeled by a young girl who
won’t think about murdering her parents.
She’ll braid her own golden hair
while watching “Price Is Right” reruns.
A panoply of short-lived pets, who themselves
have channeled other pets, will be her legacy.
A book will be written about her and will include
the controversial channeling years.
When she pulls me into her psyche, I will be sweaty
from having just mowed the lawn.
She’ll get me a beer, as she might for her father,
and we’ll watch whatever comes on after “The Price Is Right.”

You, Scott Walker!
Dark glasses ride your face into cinemas
away from good news. You cannot refuse
the world that was once your pinball
machine, and which you tilted and tilted
until there were no more angles.
The world can’t refuse you either. Youth
squeezed from your voice, and you, stricken
from youth’s record, still manage to get
some to bang the drum while you hold forth:
silver word balls that shoot almost all
the way up the larynx and rattle, don’t
make sense except that they’re where
 you’ve been, starring in that film.

Better for You
I have been told
that you are waiting.
I am waiting
to be told again.

Dan Coffey hails from Buffalo, NY and has made the Midwest his second home. The librarian for English and World Literature at Iowa State University, Dan lives in Ames, Iowa, with his wife and son. He has had poems published or forthcoming in Poetry Bay, Kennesaw Review, MiPoesias, Dirt, and The Laurel Review.

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