Sunday, April 19, 2015

I35 Creativity Corridor: Looking Back Squarely and/or Obliquely at Oklahoma

Now that the Truck's been oiled and gassed up, let's look back at the poets from OK who have hitched a ride. As we draft this post, storms are firing up to the west (sound track = low rumbling of thunder). Cooler breezes have slid in, and banks of clouds are stacking up. Hey, it's springtime on the southern plains. Time to hunker down or at the very least stay weather aware.

See you in Kansas starting on Monday. We'll pick up Siobhan Scarry, Megan Kaminski, Jim McCrary, and Joe Harrington (and any other KS poets who would like to hop on on short notice, hint hint).

For poems, photos, bios, other materia/l from OK poets who have graced us with their presence/prescience in the/our passenger's seat, click on the links below:

Todd Fuller

Timothy Bradford
 Pretty sure I saw Anne Waldman, Lisa Lewis, and Ai in Tim's back pocket.

Grant Matthew Jenkins
 Pretty sure I saw Ron Padgett and Ted Berrigan in Grant's back pocket.

Sandra Soli

Chad Reynolds

Hugh Tribbey

Jeanetta Calhoun Mish

Larry Bierman
Pretty sure I saw Madison Morrison in his back pocket.

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