Thursday, August 23, 2012

scrap jar, by Meghan Jackson

the bell jar on
my counter
is full

full of fabrics
threads of things
i've made
and collected

rips of clothes
i've worn through
my kids have
worn out
my husband
has worn threadbare

and one of these days
i will take a fine needle
and strong thread
and sew them together
neatly into a fabric

for now they stay bottled
in the jar on my counter
moths flutter against the glass
at night
trying to feed off the stories inside

Meghan Jackson is a wife, mother, writer, and knitwear designer in a small town in Ontario, Canada.  She has three young children, a wonderful husband, and more yarn and ideas than she can knit and publish in a lifetime. Find her knitwear at and on Ravelry, here. Author of movements in jars (Chaudiere Books, 2006) and a part of various collections.

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