Monday, August 20, 2012

Partly Cloudy, by Jordan Abel


Of course. Rocks under
toes. Skin under sun. Light
under mind. Of course.
Sweat over nails. Knees
behind dirt. Jackets over
trees. Of course. Signs
over eyes. Shoes under
hats. Ears beside fences.
Of course. Sky under
sweaters. Branches over
shorts. Backpacks behind
bushes. Of course.


Of course. Nitrogen over
oxygen. Argon through
carbon dioxide. Neon
beside helium. Methane
behind krypton. Hydrogen
under nitrogen. Of course.


Of course. Helium through
jackets. Feet between
neon. Trees over methane.
Of course. Oxygen under
nails. Mind behind argon.
Carbon dioxide through
sweaters. Of course. Shoes
over krypton. Hydrogen
under hats. Nitrogen beside
sky. Of course.

Jordan Abel is a First Nations writer whose work has been published in CV2, Grain and Canadian Literature. He is a contributing editor for Geist and a former editor for PRISM international. His first collection of poetry is forthcoming from Talonbooks. Visit him at

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